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Standing By

by Dodici Azpadu

An imperial parade of angels
graded by glory and fire power,
legions of the lustrous,
banners streaming, shields emblazoned—

We interrupt for an important announcement:
             His newly begotten son is co-equal.
Analyst’s in the throng are standing by.

Tom? Are you there? What can you tell us?

             Thousands of yes-men fold
             their wings and offer a knee.

How about you, Dick? Are old partisans on board?

             Good Lord! A brilliant corporate model:
             Favor the son over the worthy archangel,
             bloat upper management,
             demote and diffuse power below.

Harry, can you tell us something
             about the fall-out we might expect?

             Most humans not chosen,
             differ from Lucifer in fire power: brutal
             and refined other-worldly weapons,
             dystopian armies commanded.

             Most humans not chosen,
             squelch their impulse
             toward devilish havoc
             to assuage being passed over.

But here all hell is breaking loose.


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