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Report: Worldcon Membership Demographics, 1961-1980

by René Walling This report is a continuation of the work done in Worldcon Membership Demographics, 1939-1960 (Walling, 2016) and aims to see if any of the trends previously observed continue in subsequent Worldcon and provide some hard data on the membership of the Worldcons of that period.

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The Past, Present, and Future of Ice Fishing

By Clay Space The wind on the frozen ice bit through the hides he wore for protection, but he had long ago learned to forget about the bitter cold. His son kept pace behind him, following in his footsteps. The lake was indiscernible from the mountains and ridges that sprawled out before them, but he knew exactly where he was going. Nature spoke to him through the slight changes in the wind and the dips and rivets in the ice.

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By K. Eisert Through the one-way mirror, Senator Heidi Montoya studied the man clad in an orange jumpsuit and shackled to a chair. A guard lifted the black bag from his head. The man's affect was flat. Was he drugged? With disheveled hair and scraggly beard, he resembled more the homeless men who hung around the Capitol building than the purported leader of a terrorist organization.

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The Extractor’s Daughter

by Ken Hoover On the mesa’s flat expanse, the mine shaft was a crude hole, a soulless eye. As Vallen Doss peered into it, a dank sulfuric breath wafted from the opening. She waved the foul air away with her mechanical hand.

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REPORT: Worldcon Membership Demographics, 1939-1960

by René Walling Sweeping statements and generalizations are often made about the membership of early World Science Fiction Conventions (WSFC, or Worldcon) such as “only the same people came back every year” or “the attendance was all male.” Yet rarely is more than anecdotal evidence given to support these statements. The goal of this report is to provide some hard data on the membership of early Worldcons so that such statements can be based on more than anecdotal evidence.

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A Superlative For Goodbye

By Jude-Marie Green One rocket lumbers along to the launchpad. Earth-bound and clumsy now, gorgeous with potential. It’s yours. You’re the last. You should be proud of that.

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Changing Woman Gives Birth to Coyote

by Betsy James
Your two-penny face,
bright as your father's,
wrinkled tight.

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Echoes of Philip K. Dick’s schizoid woman in Star Trek: Voyager’s Harry Kim

by Victor Grech Star Trek is a popular cultural phenomenon. One of the spin-offs, the Voyager series, features a naïve and lonely young human officer called Harry Kim who repeatedly falls for warm and affectionate “dark haired girls” or cold and calculating “schizoid women” as famously categorized by N. Katherine Hayles about Philip K. Dick’s oeuvre.

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जंगली गुलाब/Jangli Gulaab (Briar Rose)

by Shveta Thakrar
So red this rose
Brambles burst from my mouth
(Stammers strangled into sterile silence)

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Ink for a Verbal Contract

by Sean Monaghan Gemma felt the pain right away. She sighed, stretching, angling her limbs and hips, trying to find a more comfortable position. She blinked, looking at the Arhend side table strewn with folders.

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