We are particularly interested in work that experiments with speculative poetry that is not heavily narrative, straightforwardly narrative, or referential. We like poems that exhibit an intellectual and emotional passion for language and form (both traditional and experimental).

We love narrative poetry when it’s done well, so don’t be dissuaded if you have narrative poems you’d like to send us, as structure is not the heart of what we’re interested in. Our main interest is the “speculative element” of the poem.

We want work that speculates about recent, near future, or distant future challenges the human species will face. How will our technology re-define the species, our societies, our day-to-day life? How will other forces re-define us as a species? As individuals with individual wants, needs, drives?

Speculate about what lies before us in the future. Try to move outside the lens of the ‘speculative greats’ that dominate popular SF storytelling. 

Rates and terms: $10 (U.S.) per poem. This grants Ad Astra one-year exclusive print/electronic rights and non-exclusive reprint rights thereafter.

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