Image by Arunachal Art

She Dreams Thinking

by Dodici Azpadu

A tempting teases Barbie. She dreams
Why is thinking so despised?
Why set alluring red fruit in the garden?
She confesses to Ken: in sleep the tree felt
fairer to her fancy than in daylight.

No bubblehead here; misgiving is adult.
Ken knows too, he reminds her that evil
in mind comes and goes. Silly girl to expect
paradise free of bad dreams and evil
coming and going.

Six-winged Rafael shows-off his plumage
on arrival. Harm is on the way, he warns,
be vigilant. Check the small print in garden lease.

Au naturale Barbie serves a wilderness
of fruits and nectars. After dinner,
Rafael relaxes on his feathers.
He and Ken smoke a joint and continue
real estate talk. God made you perfect,
not immutable. That’s the really small print:

If ye be found Obedient. More sinister
than suggestive, whispering
is the messenger’s threat.


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