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Steam by Joseph Carrabis Arrival The shrieking of my wheels on the tracks as I pull into the station, so like your screams when you realized what they'd done. The hiss of my brakes, my body slowing as my heart began racing. But could not; eyes on meters, release valves turn lest all [...]

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Diamond Tear

“STAY OFF GROOMED SURFACES” headlined the resurfacing status page as I skimmed alongside the track groomer, staying well clear of the hundred meter booms snowing frozen nitrogen onto the drag strip. Cockpit audio whooped, startling me ...

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Road Trip

A six-foot brown Indian man, with one blue eye, one nostril, full lips, and dishwater blond wispy hair, is dressed in denim jeans and shirt. His sleeves are rolled to the elbow, exposing blond hair on his peach-colored forearms. Cracked, leather-topped, diner stools separate him and another man from each other and from me.

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Born in ’84

I met February-22 on the day of April-14’s execution. On the silver screen, the fifteen-year-old boy faced six rifles pointed at the skies. He stood in front of a roughcast wall, dressed in white shirt and woolen trousers, like a prisoner of the regime that had collapsed.

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The Day the Storm Ends

by Jenny Maloney - The Great Red Spot has glared out at the universe for centuries. Rachel glares back. Now: The near dead spaceship uses the last of its fuel to keep pace with Jupiter's rotation. The white and purple and maroon clouds swirl into the pressure system like water flooding a tidepool. The maelstrom is so large it fills the observation window. So large it would swallow Earth twice over. So large it swallows her.

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The Way Bricks Talk

by Ella J. Lombard - I met her in the awkward pause after the coffin was lowered into the ground. It had been weeks since I had found a silence with so many flavors. I drank in its power and the world seemed to sharpen, the well of energy within me finally refilling. Funeral silence has an odd quality; it hovers somewhere between a prayer and a bad first date.

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