Updated September 2018

To the Stars…

James Gunn defines science fiction as “the literature of change” and states that it “incorporates a belief that the most important aspect of existence is a search for humanity’s origins, its purpose, and its ultimate fate.” A tall order but a worthy goal.

Our editorial vision for James Gunn’s Ad Astra calls for raising our eyes above the horizon and not limiting the scope of speculative fiction. It is in this spirit that we welcome great stories that range from the near-reality to the far reaches of the what-if.

Suggestions about what we’re looking for can unnecessarily constrain writers. That said, we can offer this advice: Be sure your story actually tells a story. And be sure it requires your speculative element in order to hold together.

Beyond that, the sky (the stars, the edge of the next universe over) is the limit.

Fiction Submissions Are Open

We are open for business and accepting fiction submission for Issue 7 of James Gunn’s Ad Astra!

Submission Guidelines

We are seeking original fiction for print and online publication from established and new writers. Heading into 2019, we plan to publish two issues annually, with the summer issue released in conjunction with the annual Campbell Conference.

  • Original work: Submissions must be original and previously unpublished. Don’t send us fan fiction or stories based on others’ creative/intellectual properties. Note that works on websites and web publication count as previous copyright/publication.
  • Length: We’re most interested in stories of 2,500 to 5,000 words. Flash is a hard sell; we will consider stories up to 7,500 words.
  • Rates and terms: $50 (U.S.) per story. This grants Ad Astra one-year exclusive print/electronic rights and non-exclusive reprint rights thereafter.
  • Format: Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or rich text (.rtf) files in standard manuscript format (see William Shunn’s exemplar).
  • Turnaround: We will make every effort to respond to all stories within a month, but it may take longer. Please do not query until after three months.
  • No simultaneous submissions (sending the same story to us and to other publications at the same time). We’ll get an answer to you soon.
  • No multiple submissions (sending us more than one of your stories at the same time). Please wait until we’ve made a final decision on one submission before sending us a new story.
  • Withdrawing your submission: If you must withdraw your submission for some reason, please email the fiction editors. We discourage this but understand that it is necessary sometimes.

Ready to Submit?

Complete the submission form here.

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