Distilling wonder into a few choice words.


By Nora Weston - unexplainable. exasperating, too, as he breathes life into Carrara marble, skilled like a clone of Michelangelo.

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Journey to the Center of the Poem

To Jules Verne | By Gene Twaronite - Dare I follow the cryptic runes of Saknussemm, descending into the shadow-kissed crater to follow unknown tunnels to the center?

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Changing Woman Gives Birth to Coyote

by Betsy James
Your two-penny face,
bright as your father's,
wrinkled tight.

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जंगली गुलाब/Jangli Gulaab (Briar Rose)

by Shveta Thakrar
So red this rose
Brambles burst from my mouth
(Stammers strangled into sterile silence)

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Beneath Red Regolith

by WC Roberts
Striding tall on spider legs it scans the regolith
the ping of refined metal set off
the protocols
antenna disk cocked upward

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Code Orange and Code Blue

By Adele Gardner On high-ozone days, we all wear masks, Filtering what air there is to breathe, Supplementing it from oxygen tanks. Still, it pays to walk Slowly. Owls do not have masks. We keep them in a room With potted trees and recycled air And VR walls simulating night That emit a jaguar's warning [...]

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Ad Astra

By David Falkinburg There’s an open wound across the sky bleeding stars waiting to be bandaged with paper and ink. Fire ashes smoke towards it from a tired history smoldering wanting hope from those stars. Have we forgotten what’s above us? Put down your earthen weight and all those retrograding problems and worn out words [...]

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Garage Sale

By Changming Yuan A whole box of human hearts, each Still pulsing like a fresh-skinned toad Two rows of shining skeletons of unknown gods All with fingers longer than legs, skull-sized toes Three sets of enchanted knives, possessed By evil spirits (need sharpening) Four giant alarm clocks, guaranteed To wake the dead in a five-mile [...]

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By F.J. Bergmann — A moment of perspective that shows how other beings may interpret our arrival.

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Into the Deep

By Kendall Evans — The mysteries of the ocean are held in tension with the mysteries of space.

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