Ad Astra Logo (v06)-04-rotated-169x500James Gunn’s Ad Astra Editorial Staff

  • Editor-In-Chief: Jean Asselin
  • Editor Emeritus: Isaac Bell
  • Fiction Editor: Jalyn Fiske
  • Assistant Fiction Editor: Kristen Koopman
  • First Readers (fiction)
    • Terri Dreier
    • Douglas Dunn
    • Ann Karmol
    • Patricia Crumpler
    • Sarah Margree
    • Achilles Schartz
    • Patrick Sklar
  • Head Copy Editor: Mary Rose
  • Art and Design Editor: Alexander Lionel and Jalyn Fiske
  • Special Projects Manager: Kathy Kitts
  • Social Media Editor: Jennye Rose
  • Online Manager: Tepring Crocker

Consulting Board

  • Chris McKitterick
  • Kij Johnson
  • Adrian Melott

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