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James Gunn's
Ad Astra

Issue #7


Stories by: Eric Del Carlo, Alexandra Balasa, Robert Bagnall, Manfred Gabriel, and H. L. Fullerton

Poems by: WC Roberts and Colleen Anderson

Articles by: Rene Walling

Why Your Point of View Character Can’t Die at the End

By Jean Asselin

While I never intended “Don’t do ‘X’ in the fiction you submit” to become a continuing series, recent submissions point me once again in that direction.

Let ‘X’ be: “Your main character just had the adventure of their life but in the process has to shuffle off this mortal coil.” Or:

Why Your Point of View Character Can’t Die at the End

As a young reader, I once encountered the following riddle. “A woman once had a nightmare so horrible that she died in her sleep of a heart attack. A detective refused to believe in this story. Why?”

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Staff Editorial Archive

A Vision for “James Gunn’s Ad Astra”

by Jean Asselin, Editor - Our namesake, James Gunn, says that fantasy and science fiction (SF) are literatures of discontinuity—the world of the story differs from the one we live in—with one essential difference.