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James Gunn's
Ad Astra

Issue #6


Stories by: Calie Voorhis, K. Eisert, Walter Dinjos,
Katie Boyer, Ken Hoover, and Clay Space

Poems by: Nora Weston and Gene Twaronite

Article by: René Walling

Susan Nicolai - susantnicolai.myportfolio.com

Stars in the Galaxy, Like Islands in the Ocean of Space

By Jean Asselin

Over time, we learn the value of stressing the positive: what we’d do differently rather than what doesn’t work, what to strive for instead of what to avoid. Still, there is efficiency in prescribing “Don’t do ‘X’ in the fiction you submit.”

Let ‘X’ be: “On its way to another star system a spacecraft happens by the planet on which Robinspace Crusoe shipwrecked.” Or:

Stars in the Galaxy, Like Islands in the Ocean of Space

Is the subtitle above simile or metaphor? Reasonably accurate model or poetic license? To determine this, let’s perform some grade school math. Read Full Article


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Staff Editorial Archive

A Vision for “James Gunn’s Ad Astra”

by Jean Asselin, Editor - Our namesake, James Gunn, says that fantasy and science fiction (SF) are literatures of discontinuity—the world of the story differs from the one we live in—with one essential difference.


A look at the outgoing editor's view of the past few years, and an introduction to the new era of the magazine.

The Political Debate in Science Fiction

Last year, there was a storm brewing over sexism and minority voices being underrepresented in the science fiction community. That debate hasn't gone away, but in the finest SF tradition, it has mutated.

Voices Seldom Heard

by Issue Editor Isaac Bell If you're reading this, then you're a member of a minority. You're a fan of science fiction, or fantasy, or speculative fiction in general (and just knowing the latter term marks [...]