What Halloween Means to Me
by Jean Asselin, Editor-In-Chief

I admit that as a child, Halloween meant three things: a sudden slew of treats; un-scary monster displays in windows or on lawns; and wildly colorful costumes, or amateur cosplay before the word was invented.

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On Revising

October 29th, 2023|

The morning slog through a max of 300 words of a first draft. Ploughing a rocky field with a Neolithic ploughshare, stopping every foot or so to pry up a boulder and roll it over to the growing drystone field wall.

On Rewriting Speculative Fiction

March 20th, 2023|

The challenge peculiar to SF: You’re trying to show, not tell. But how do you “show" a world that, to one degree or another, is unknown, unique, and may even operate by physics that are different from the laws your reader subconsciously applies?