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A Theme-based Online Curriculum for the Teaching of Science Fiction

By Jean Asselin Abstract This article presents a theme-based curriculum for the teaching SF literature. Sets of 15 stories each, six in all, match the number of weeks in the North American semester system. Selection criteria include theme, awards won or nominated for, and critical recognition. Curricular material is taken from 80 years of published [...]

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References for A Theme-based Online Curriculum for the Teaching of Science Fiction

by Jean Asselin These are the sources referenced in "A Theme-based Online Curriculum for the Teaching of Science Fiction" Adams, J. J. (Ed.). (2008). Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse. San Francisco, CA: Night Shade Books. Adams, J. J. (Ed.). (2009). Federations. Rockville, MD: Prime Books. Adams, J. J. (Ed.). (2011). Brave New Worlds: Dystopian Stories. [...]

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Code Orange and Code Blue

By Adele Gardner On high-ozone days, we all wear masks, Filtering what air there is to breathe, Supplementing it from oxygen tanks. Still, it pays to walk Slowly. Owls do not have masks. We keep them in a room With potted trees and recycled air And VR walls simulating night That emit a jaguar's warning [...]

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Garage Sale

By Changming Yuan A whole box of human hearts, each Still pulsing like a fresh-skinned toad Two rows of shining skeletons of unknown gods All with fingers longer than legs, skull-sized toes Three sets of enchanted knives, possessed By evil spirits (need sharpening) Four giant alarm clocks, guaranteed To wake the dead in a five-mile [...]

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Mars Bomb Bound for Titan

By Sean Monaghan They were waiting outside the prison gates when Carmen strode through. It was raining and the water beaded on the car’s black skin. The door clanged shut behind her. So this was what freedom tasted like: wet, and already with watchers. Shafts of light from the setting sun radiated through cloud breaks. [...]

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Winds that Stir Vermillion Sands

By David Bowles 2370 Seven-year-old Rodrigo ben-David sat alone in the hovel, spooning the last bit of last Shabbat’s chamin into his mouth and using a hard bit of crust to scrape the pot clean. The thin, cold wind rattled the aluplaz walls mercilessly. Winters in the Hellas Region were tough, and in Babulandia, one [...]

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