What Halloween Means to Me

Photos by Joanna Malinowska and Neven Krcmarek - remix by Carola Cox Letter from the editor – What Halloween Means to Me by Jean Asselin Sometimes the stars align. When we accepted a story with the word Halloween in the title—now the cover story for our 13th issue, no less!—we just knew that life, the universe, [...]

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Letter from the Editors

by Jalyn Fiske, Kristen Koopman, and Jean Asselin As writers ourselves, we understand the energy and passion that goes into writing stories, and we want you to succeed. Paramount to success is reading a market’s guidelines because they let you know: Who we are as a market; What we want for stories; When we [...]

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The Show Should Go On

Why does Science Fiction feel more satisfying in literature than in television series? In a word: Closure. [WARNING: Multiple spoilers ahead] Take Max Headroom, about a reporter taking on the corrupt TV media, or Brimstone, its strict sinners-go-to-hell universe in contrast with the shades-of-gray moral dilemmas faced by the protagonist. Both shows were cancelled [...]

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Musings on Music

I want to discuss how SF does music, and music does SF. Music can be a critical component of the story. In Vance’s classic “The Moon Moth,” aliens confer social status according to an individual’s virtuosity on multiple musical instruments, without which they won’t give you the time of day. (For a more recent example [...]

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By fiction editor Jalyn Fiske Writing is such a slithery thing these days (or, perhaps it has been since days began). Markets want this kind of story, editors want that, and instructors teach something else entirely. I’ll give my two cents as Fiction Editor on what we’re looking for specifically at James Gunn’s Ad [...]

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