Distilling wonder into a few choice words.

Changing Woman Gives Birth to Coyote

by Betsy James
Your two-penny face,
bright as your father's,
wrinkled tight.

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जंगली गुलाब/Jangli Gulaab (Briar Rose)

by Shveta Thakrar
So red this rose
Brambles burst from my mouth
(Stammers strangled into sterile silence)

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Beneath Red Regolith

by WC Roberts
Striding tall on spider legs it scans the regolith
the ping of refined metal set off
the protocols
antenna disk cocked upward

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Code Orange and Code Blue

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Ad Astra

By David Falkinburg There’s an open wound across the sky bleeding stars waiting to be bandaged with paper and ink. Fire ashes smoke towards it from a tired history smoldering wanting hope from those stars. Have we forgotten what’s above us? Put down your earthen weight and all those retrograding problems and worn out words [...]

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Garage Sale

By Changming Yuan A whole box of human hearts, each Still pulsing like a fresh-skinned toad Two rows of shining skeletons of unknown gods All with fingers longer than legs, skull-sized toes Three sets of enchanted knives, possessed By evil spirits (need sharpening) Four giant alarm clocks, guaranteed To wake the dead in a five-mile [...]

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By F.J. Bergmann — A moment of perspective that shows how other beings may interpret our arrival.

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Into the Deep

By Kendall Evans — The mysteries of the ocean are held in tension with the mysteries of space.

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by Jacqueline Seewald — An expert in the language of DNA strives for perfection.

By | June 19th, 2012|Fiction, Issue #1, Poetry|1 Comment

Knowledge Stream

by WC Roberts — Information floats on a current of knowledge that extends to the stars.

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