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This 4th edition includes short stories by authors Julie Sondra Decker, Zack Wentz, Anne Carly Abad, Jeff Pfaller and Joshua Shaw.

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About Ad Astra

We are a volunteer organization under the
auspices of the Center for the Study of Science
Fiction at the University of Kansas. We are
working in partnership with the CSSF’s
educational outreach program, AboutSF.

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James Gunn's Ad Astra is proud to release our fourth issue!

Issue #3
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Weblog and News!
  • Excelsior! (11/9/2015) - A look at the outgoing editor's view of the past few years, and an introduction to the new era of the magazine.
  • The Political Debate in Science Fiction (5/31/2014) - Last year, there was a storm brewing over sexism and minority voices being underrepresented in the science fiction community. There’s no question that most people can name famous white male science fiction authors (usually English-speaking, at that) while famous women and minorities still end up as a shorter list. Go to any list of the “Top Science Fiction Authors,” and ...
  • Voices Seldom Heard (6/11/2013) - by Issue Editor Isaac Bell If you’re reading this, then you’re a member of a minority. You’re a fan of science fiction, or fantasy, or speculative fiction in general (and just knowing the latter term marks you as a member of an even smaller group). Despite the wide popularity of shows and movies we might claim as “ours,” people who consider ...
  • A Modest Proposal: Literary Awards for Science Fiction (6/11/2013) - By Jean Asselin — A rant of the most eloquent kind about the way science fiction awards are being overrun by fantasy authors.
  • The Leaky Pipeline: Where are the Women in Science Fiction? (6/11/2013) - By Scholarly Editor Kathy Kitts Yearly from 2010, VIDA, a women in literary arts organization, has conducted a study on how women fare versus men in publishing. They totaled the number of female and male literary reviewers, reviews and bylines in approximately fifteen of the major literary venues from the Boston Review to The Times Literary Supplement. What they discovered ...