Photo by Fancycrave


By Nora Weston

unexplainable. exasperating, too,
as he breathes life into Carrara marble,
skilled like a clone of Michelangelo.
mighty hands,
….. ….. brushstrokes equal to Raphael genius,
hypnotize essence with a secret
….. ….. smudged in a palette of
bizarre beauty.

not that arduous mathematical calculations
or sublime spatial relations spawned from
ancient genetics are excluded.
he can answer
….. ….. if called upon by MIT. no reason
exists why a spectral Archimedes
….. ….. could not visit and linger to swap
geometric theories.

not sure when the transference occurred.
hiding in a tainted bliss of unknown origin,
could this metamorphosis exist from binary code?
nay, rather
….. ….. exotic matter dossier absorbed through
permeable flesh willing to thrive
….. ….. on third planet dirt where the savage
aliens play.


Nora Weston

Nora Weston is a Michigan based writer/artist. Her most recent publishing credits are Calliope on the Web, Speculative 66,, Star*Line, Ramingo’s Porch, and Bull & Cross.