These stories come from the perspective of outsiders, people who are set apart from those around by interest, family, or species. Their lives are complicated by aliens, failed romances, or riots, but in each case they see things from a new perspective. In that, these stories embody the best goals of speculative fiction. They estrange us from the everyday to reveal what is truly important to us as people.

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Short Fiction

  • In Situ - by K.C. Ball — Three friends stumble across an unbelievable find in the desert. What should they do with their discovery? Should anyone be told?
  • It All Started the Day Big Corn Met - By Sarah Worrel — Protests against skyrocketing food prices turn to riots, but this time it doesn't seem as if anyone can restore order. Trapped in her office building, Rickie watches the world fall apart.
  • To Err Is Human, To Forgive Divine - By K. Eisert — The Isnians could not accept the humans who found their system. But now that their world is changing, will the last survivor of the human expedition be the salvation of the Isnian race?


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