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Welcome to James Gunn's Ad Astra We are launching with lots of room to grow. Which is a polite way of saying: "We're Under Construction!" But here's the exciting part: We want to hear from you! Leave your hopes, dreams, and aspirations in our comments box. Let us know what you'd like to see from [...]

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Speculative Fiction and the Editorial Stance

The Editorial Influence Every venue for publishing speculative fiction, in all of its forms, is inevitably limited in an important way: the tastes of the editor. At one time, the opinions of a few people shaped science fiction as a whole. John W. Campbell, for example, created the Golden Age of Science Fiction by choosing [...]

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What is Ad Astra?

James Gunn's Ad Astra is an online resource for authors, scholars, and anyone interested in speculative fiction to share their ideas on how the genre has developed into its current forms, what's happening in speculative fiction right now, and what might happen next. It can sometimes be difficult to locate serious, academically sound studies or [...]

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